2021 is done! How was it for you?

Well, we made it – not been the easiest of years again has it folks? We’d like to say thanks to all you who’ve been part of our story for 2021, our 10th anniversary year.

We hope amongst all the ups and downs you at least got to ride your bike. Whether you’re a gnarly old trail dog or one of the many people who’ve discovered the joys of getting out there on two wheels for the first time. It’s definitely what we’ll be doing over the next week or so as the Stanton factory unit will be closed from 24th December to 3rd January (the website will be open as normal of course).

‘The Great Component Shortage of 2021’

Anyone who’s tried to put a fully-built bike together recently will know the global shortage of components is an ongoing issue. Pretty much any bit of a bike you can think of has been in short supply and, again, we’re super appreciative of our customer’s patience as we’ve had to deal with endless curve balls from suppliers all over the world.

On the upside it’s validated our self-sufficient approach to building bikes, particularly frame making which of course is what we’re all about. Our combination of UK or Taiwan-built steel and titanium frame options has meant we’ve been able to cope better than many others with the unpredictability caused by you-know-what. The result is we’ve turned out some seriously sweet-looking rides for you guys – it’s been a pleasure to create them for you.

We might have only launched one completely new bike this year, but it was a pretty special one. The Switch9er FS Ti is everything we know in one no-compromise package. It’s also the first stage of our innovative Switch FS modular series – a system that will allow you to mix materials and wheel sizes to create your perfect build. More news on this very soon but, trust us, 2022 is going to be a very cool place to be.

Here’s another lil’ cracker we produced this year – the Slackline Ti 10th Anniversary Special.
The OG of our range and a staff favourite, we wanted to pay tribute in the best way we know how – custom decals and a cheeky discount. Thanks to those of you who share our love and have placed an order (now would be the time to mention they’re only available until the end of the year right?)

Need riding vibes to get you out this holiday?

When we do get components in the building we just want to get them on our frames and out there in the wild. It’s why we do stuff like our current Ti frame and fork bundle with the Ohlins 27.5 140mm drop that arrived last week. We’re not interested in profiteering from the situation, spec them on a Switchback Ti or a Slackline Ti and you have them for half the price.

Ok, that’s it, 2021 has very nearly left the building.
Remember it doesn’t really matter what you ride, it just really matters that you ride.

Have a great holiday.

The Stanton Squad