British Enduro Series 2016 – Round Two Roundup

Second round done and I’ve got to say that was a much more pleasurable experience! We had a little rain but the majority of the weekend we had sun! The track was massive (34 miles) and the riders were flagging!

With the sun showing us its summery rays it baked the sludgy, sloppy trails into a claggy, sticky, clumpy, lumpy mess! With riders going ‘bum over boobs’, back wheels slipping all over the place and generally decking out on anything steep and tight, this round made a great spectator sport!

Oil came first again in the hardtail category, but this time he had some competition! Heather came in 4th after a technical in the woman’s category and we had a nice surprise from a chap called Darren Evans who was the only hard tail in Elite and he was on a Switchback! Darren came 15th out of over 60 riders in the Elite category!

Well done guys! happy racing! Thanks to all you hardtailers that came and joined in our category and I hope to see more of you hardtailers at the next round!

Enjoy our little edit of our experience and just to let you know the little trump was Oli not me!!

The next round is at Afan Bryn Bettws on 11/12th June. We’re hoping you guys can make it! We’ll be there with a few demo bikes if you fancy taking one for a spin and we’ll have a bunch of frames for you to look at.

Don’t forget, We have some sweet prizes to give away for the overall hardtail series winner! A Mk2 Switchback Ti for 1st place. A Mk2 Switchback 631 and an apparel bundle for 2nd place And a Mk2 Switchback 631 for 3rd place.