Manufacturing Update #2


We’re back with another update from Jord

25th June 2019

The AJAX universal milling machine is now up and running and we have taken our very first cuts. This cutting method will replace our old technique of abrasive wheel notching, with a faster, more accurate and cleaner cut.

The image below shows a head tube mitre cut being made on a Reynolds 853 downtube. The fixturing used within this setup is supplied by Anvil Bikes out in Colorado who specialise in well engineered bike specific fixtures and tooling.

Headtube Cut

In addition to getting power to the machine, we have taken delivery of the steel CNC components for the hardtails. The picture below shows the infamous Switchback/ Switch9er double yoke with the machined crown logo.

It is little finishing touches like this that I believe make a product, where attention to detail is favoured over cost to manufacture.

Yoke And Crown

It is for that reason why we have decided to change the style of the ‘Switch Range’ dropouts to a fully CNC component within our next UK Gen frames. The new dropout design can be seen in the image, with a similar style to that of our titanium frames.

Although these are much more costly to produce than the old style plate dropouts- I think you will agree that they look the part!


Head of Engineering

Cheers Jord!

Questions you’d like answering about the manufacturing process? Email, or give us a call on 01629 581508.

If we get enough questions coming through, we might do a little Q&A with Jord later on down the line that we’ll send out!


The Stanton Team