Stanton Badass Bobble Hat

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Stanton Badass-Bobble-Hat with wrapped logo.

This statement of radness not only acts as nice ice breaker to other riders out there, but also serves a practical function too! The full lining gives the hat a nice neat finish and creates a super warm barrier against the wind and cold.

  • Handmade in Glasgow
  • Fully machine washable
  • 100% soft Cashmilon acrylic yarn
  • 100% Bad Ass

If you’re like me and thinning on top, never again will you have to suffer rapid heat loss in the colder months of the year! The Stanton Badass-Bobble Hat has got you covered!!

User guide.

  1. Open out
  2. Put on head
  3. Instant gain of 1,000 RAD points!


By the the coolest and warmest woolly hat I have ever owned. Not to mention when you hear all this "one size fits all" business 95% of the time It doesn't fit my massive head but this I can tell you now is one size fits all. Half the time I have to take it off for a couple of hours because I over heat it's that warm. Top quality job on the stitching too, super tough and for sure does the job it's made to do. RAD!!!

Toby Spencer