Stanton Ti Bar

£220.00 (from £183.33 ex VAT)



The Ti bars that are creating a buzz

When we turned our titanium manufacturing experience to developing handlebars we didn’t totally know how it would turn out. But the reception they’ve had has blown us away – people love ’em! When Steve ‘Hardtail Party’ says “I wish I had six sets of these bars to run on all my review bikes” and “These are the best riding bars I’ve found yet”, you know you’ve done something right. He wasn’t even supposed to be reviewing the bars, check it out here.

We knew the trail-buzz taming properties of Ti would really lend themselves to a bar, certainly superior to the more commonly used carbon and without the scary possibility of giving up on you on the heaviest hits. We’ve developed these using all the know-how developed over the years to make the most of the material’s magic properties. Ti has incredible vibration absorption qualities because of its high elasticity. In a bar this means less hand fatigue and that killer arm-pump – ride longer, harder, faster, funner.

These bars will benefit you whether you’re riding anything from downhill to bike-packing.

Only available in 31.8mm diameter as, again, it makes the most of the properties of Ti and how you can best work with it. The smaller diameter keeps it light, strong, and seriously supple.

We’ve also gone for the sweet spot rise of 30mm with a 9ยฐ backsweep and width of 800mm. There’s the usual options with your choice of Ti finishes so you can create the premium, personal touch these beautiful bars deserve.


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