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Ride without rules

The 29er that doesn’t act like one. The hardtail that’ll retire your full-sus. Super aggressive but naturally playful. The Switch9er is more than just a clichéd hardcore hardtail. And Ti takes it to the next level.

You want the velocity and capability that comes with big wheels. You want the fun and flickable nature of something smaller. You want to play with your mates on the local but you want to batter your nemesis on the downs.

It all comes together in the Switch9er Ti – the ultimate enduro hardtail. The daddy of our playful Switch hardtail range, it’s a bike that does things it’s not supposed to, so you can do things you didn’t know you could.

Yeah the geometry’s progressive (isn’t everyone’s these days?) but it’s your riding that’s going to see the real progression. Whatever the Switch9er Ti comes up against it won’t take no for answer, it’s just the way it’s built.

And how is it built? Let’s start with the CNC’d double-sided yoke on the chainstays – full of purpose. That’s providing the lateral stiffness you want to hit corners flat out and hold your line. It also means we can bring that rear wheel in, create nice short chainstays to make the bike whip through corners and let you pop that front wheel up. Study the BB drop; not too low, not too high. In the sweet spot that makes the most of a 29er’s innate stability but also means it leans willingly into corners.


The use of custom-drawn, tripled-butted 3AL2.5V titanium tubing takes the whole package to the next level.  A magical mix of the stiffness you want for responsive acceleration and a lightness that means every ounce of effort moves you forward faster than ever.

We very carefully consider the internal diameters of the titanium tubing to create just the right amount of flex in just the right places. So our Ti frames aren’t just one dimensional and stiff, but have the compliance and subtlety we’re famed for.

The geometry is based around a 140mm fork but this frame is strong enough to go full hooligan with 160mm on the front. In fact all our frames are certified for 10mm over these recommendations – we save the risks for the riding, not the engineering.

You’ll experience the can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it feel of Ti as you smash through rough stuff with accuracy. The combination of geo and materials mean you can hold your line and take the big hits with confidence.

It’s not just the downs where the properties of titanium come into their own. The Switch9er Ti breaks the rules on the ups too – a slack hardtail you can climb with a smile not a grimace. The super responsive, super light frame will have you looking for the techy lines just to enjoy skipping up and over every feature.

“The glorious Stanton Switch9er Ti, the current culmination of three decades of my MTB obsession, and in all probability my favourite bike of all time.” – Rock & Ride Outdoors

Like every Stanton it’s a bike that’s built for pleasure but it can also win you the points. You know that dude who turns up on a hardtail and smashes the field? That dude can be you.

The benefits of Ti aren’t only about how it feels but how it looks too. The raw metal isn’t just beautiful, it’s seriously practical and will stay looking prime after years of abuse. There’s practicality with the internal cable routing too, check out the removable covers on the frame holes to make access easier while keeping things clean and easy on the eye. You can make yours even more special with our choice of bespoke finishes including blasted, polished, anodised or ceramic Cerakote in a choice of colours.

The Switch9er Ti doesn’t just just fly round the trails, it flies out of the door too. It’s our most popular hardtail and sells as quick as it rides.

Grab yours fast.

Watch Dan’s Switch9er TechTalk

Die Hard Darren Evans on the Switch9er Ti

Frame Weight – 1.9kg
1. 3AL-2.5V titanium 44mm head tube, gusseted down tube and our super-sweet alloy head badge.
2. ISCG 05 mounts and 73mm BB shell, Custom designed CNC’d Yoke that accommodates standard 29” or 27.5+ tyre set up.
3. Super-short chainstays (428 mm) made from 3AL-2.5V aerospace-grade titanium tubing.
4. Custom CNC’d Swapout dropouts (12 x 142, 10 x 135 or horizontal). Comes supplied with 12 x 148 as standard unless you specify different dropouts with your order.
5. Triple-butted 3AL-2.5V aerospace-grade titanium tubing with custom seat tube. Full internal routing takes full-length gear outer for consistent, weather-proof shifting.
6. 31.6 stealth routing dropper-compatible seat tube (34.9 clamp) with custom tubing.
7. Recommend fork travel: 130mm - 160mm

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GEN 3 UPDATE – 1st batch of 18″ frames arriving at the end of July have sold out! Next batch are due in October

The Switch9er Ti is the new elite ninja of the range! With aspects taken from the Switchback and the Sherpa, the Switch9er is the evolution of our industry-leading modern geometry. It’s a super aggressive 29er that bares all the hallmarks of being a Stanton to the core.

We used the laterally stiff, custom drawn triple butted 3AL2.5V tube set and Yoke from the Ti Switchback to give the Switch9er Ti the same fast pace and instant power transfer as the Switchback. However, the climbing capacity of the Switch9er is akin to the Sherpa Ti, our all day epic Trail/XC frame.

The original aim of the Switchback was to design the most playful natured and confidence inspiring aggressive frame that we possibly could. This ethos has now rolled in to this 29 inch wheel version.

The 427mm chain stay length plus the bottom bracket height, head angle and reach measurement gives you an amazingly responsive and agile ride. This frame rails corners and descends like no other hardtail and we firmly believe that this is the best Euro Hardtail on the market.

Build Specs

Frame Only

Seat ClampStanton seat clamp
Rear AxleStanton rear axle
DropoutsStanton 12x148 Boost Dropouts


Switch9er Ti 16"18"
1. Stack (mm)610640
2. Reach (mm)453483
3. Virtual Top Tube (mm)605634
4. Actual Top Tube (mm)594619
5. Seat Tube Length (mm)420458
6. Chainstay Length (mm)428428
7. Wheelbase (mm)12031236
8. Bottom Bracket Drop (mm)7070
9. Head Tube Length (mm)100120
10. Head Tube Angle65.5˚65.5˚
11. Seat tube Angle74.5˚74.5˚
12. 2018 Pike 140 25% in the sag516516



Ben Swann

Dale Weatherson

Tim Oates