Stanton Bikes Trip To Taiwan

About 2-3 months ago we took ourselves over to Taiwan to meet our manufacturer, organise new products, go to the Taipei Show and make new links for future business.

Firstly… WHAT A PLACE! I know people always say nice stuff about where they chose to go on holiday or choose to settle down for a while, and 9-10 times you end-up thinking ’sounds alright. Like most places in Europe etc’.

However I’m not joking when I say if you have mild Aspergic tendencies like me (like everything neat, square, clean, polite) you’re going to love this place!

I managed to fall in love with the hyper efficient and super clean underground.

So then, here a list of things I’ve learnt about myself and Taiwan:

– I’m never ordering Plum Juice again (I don’t know how juicing a plum could go so so so wrong)

– I love the logic of the road system (turning right on a red light is absolutely legal even at pedestrian crossing)

– The crazy bakery’s!! Unbelievable luminous green sausage rolls (wtf!!)

After checking out what the country had to offer, we headed over to our factory. Have a look at the edit below and see for yourselves. Quick note, the frames you’ll see in the edit are prototypes and the colours of the final frames will be different.

Now there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the taboo that is Far Eastern manufacturing. However, I feel it’s good to open peoples eyes to how Taiwan actually is!

The factory we use is a fine example of the organised, tidy, clean and well presented place that we know through self experience.

Every hand welder in the factory has to have 15 years steel and titanium frame welding experience before they can be employed there and nothing is left to chance, with each element of the manufacturing process throughly checked before moving on to the next stage.

All the latest technology’s used in bike manufacturing is utilised in factories like this to provide consistent CEN tested high quality products, and rather than filing a tube with a rasp in a vice to get miter’s to knit, our factory uses laser precision CNC machines to make sure each miter is absolutely micron perfect before welding. This is just one of the many examples of the superiority of Taiwanese hand built frames.

Anyway, enough of me spouting on! Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

All The Best