Switch9er FS Ti / IMB Review

Switch9er FS Ti reviewed by International Mountainbike Magazine (& Nick)

Hi there, we thought you’d be interested to read what the industry and customers are beginning to say about our new models. It’s taken a while to get complete bikes out to test but months of work is starting to bear fruit and the reviews are coming in.

We’re super grateful to these publications for their support and we know how important it is for you to see impartial reviews – particularly when testing a Stanton yourself isn’t always an option. Though rest assured we’re working on making that easier too!

IMB X Switch9er FS Ti

We sent our flagship full-sus out to the guys at International Mountainbike Magazine and the verdict is in. We love how they’ve really appreciated both the engineering detail and the riding experience it delivers. When we see words like ‘unmatched’, ‘art’ and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ we know we’ve done something right.

One thing we’d like to clear up – the write-up gives the impression these frames are fabricated at our UK factory; they’re not. The frame and swingarm were designed and developed by us in the UK but fabrication is done by our partners in Asia before being returned to us for finishing. We’d love to do more Ti fabrication here, and we’re constantly working on it, but right now the best way to the best product is a UK/Asia mix. Just want to be totally transparent on that one!


We had to share this one with you too – this review from recent Switch9er FS Ti buyer Nick. Thanks dude, makes our day to see customers loving their rides!

“Recently received my 19.5 Switch9er FS Ti. I was initially going to have the steel version but upgraded to the Ti one. Sooo glad I did. This is the best bike I’ve owned or ridden. Super smooth with the coil shock. Climbs like a dream. Looks the absolute Dogs! Customer service has been absolutely impeccable. Even had a tour of the factory. I seriously cannot ride this bike enough!! For anyone thinking about it, sell the kids, mortgage the house and do it!!”


After last year’s ‘soft launch’ of the Switch9er FS Ti we now have full stock, including the largest 19.5″ frames. This is just the start of a total refresh of our FS series in both Ti and steel so we’ll be updating you with more news soon we hope – supply chains pending! In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to know, then just give us a shout on the usual channels.

The Stanton Squad