Switchpath TI Cyclist Magazine Review!

Another review to share with you – this time for our ‘first bike that’s not a mountain bike’. We’re happy to report the Switchpath Ti gravel bike has got the good folks at Cyclist magazine thinking about ditching their lycra for baggies ;0)

Switchpath Ti Cyclist Magazine Gravel Bike Review
Cyclist X Switchpath Ti

Check us out – Stanton Bikes in a road mag! We’re really stoked on this one because Dan took a gamble when he created his vision of what a gravel bike could be. It’s really gratifying to read this super-positive review from writers with pure road heritage – they totally get where it’s coming from and love what it brings to the party. Phew!

Described as both ‘a joy’ and ‘a real success’ but there’s also the little gem of ‘a gateway drug to all-out mountain biking’. Just the kind of subversive influence we seek to be! 

Switchpath Ti Dream Build Video Link
The Switchpath Ti has also had the famous DreamBuild treatment. GET SOME BUILD INSPIRATION HERE.

Switchpath Ti Launch Video Link
Check out the Switchpath launch film on YouTube HERE – from surfing to sessioning the rough stuff.
*Earworm warning – you’ll be humming the soundtrack for days!*

If you’d like to demo a Switchpath then you can do here at the Derbyshire factory (once the two test bikes have come back from the publications who’ve been enjoying them). We don’t have exact dates yet but get in touch on the usual channels and we’ll do our best to help.

The Stanton Squad