We’re Off To Italy!

Winter has almost finished, and Spring is on its way! 

Well…we “ain’t got time for that!”, so we thought we’d take our miserable wintery and wet asses out to meet the sun and Spring early, by going to Lake Garda in Italy to shoot a couple of riding edits!

We’ll be taking Dan Bateson, the guy riding in our Switchback Ti Mk1 Afan edit, and Oli Watson, the guy who rode in the Switchback 631 local trails edit. We’ll also be going with Joe and Noah from Capta Media, two “youth” videographers that are nothing less than awesome at shooting riding edits. So expect to see some seriously smart footage, packed with big hooking, hard rutting…no sorry, that’s the wrong sort of video… So expect to see super tech, rad-mad-skills coupled with the sweet videography you’ve come to expect from our edits…Oh and some nice shots of our new Switchback Ti and Sherpa Ti

Both Josh and I will still be available via email (in between riding trails around Lake Garda) to answer any questions as normal, and we’ll be passing content like updates, video clips and photos back to our media guys in the UK, so you can keep up to date on what we’re getting up to. Oh and by the way! We still have our Stanton Bad Ass Bobble Hats for sale 😉


It was a while ago but we definitely went to Italy! Check out the video below!